Trade-in your old GPS for a new Navman navigation system

Navman's latest range of car sat navs are like your own personal bodyguard and tour guide, all rolled into one. We've enhanced our features and alerts to make sure you and all your passengers arrive safely and securely.

Trade-In your old Navman GPS* and get one of our new Navman units at a very special price. All you have to do once you have purchased your new Navman, is return your old GPS back to us and we will send your Brand New Navman GPS to your door.

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If you need a replacement accessory for your Mio car GPS device, check out our range of GPS accessories, at affordable prices.

Car Chargers: If you've lost the vital in-car charger, purchase a replacement and keep your Mio car GPS device powered while on the move.

AC Chargers: Make sure you're always ready for the journey ahead. Power and use your Mio car GPS system while at home with an AC charger.

Windscreen Mounts: Secure your Mio car GPS unit right where you can see it, with our range of replacement Mio mounts.

Click below to view our full range of Mio GPS accessories:

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Navman is a leading manufacturer of world-class GPS devices, including car GPS units and Digital Driver Recorder cameras. They are a sister company to Mio.

If you're looking for industry-first features with groundbreaking safety alerts and the most up-to-date GPS maps, Navman's full range of car GPS systems has something to offer everyone - from first-time drivers to 4WD enthusiasts.

They also provide an amazing range of compact and durable in-car cameras that will be your best friend in a car accident. These Digital Drive Recorders automatically capture HD video at critical moments, protecting you from fraudulent claims.

Whatever your safety or navigation needs, Navman GPS has something for you.

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Magellan is a leading manufacturer of outdoor GPS products, from handheld GPS devices to iPhone navigation and fitness watches. They are a sister company to Mio.

The award-winning Magellan eXplorist range of outdoor, handheld GPS systems are the portable solution for all outdoor adventure seekers. Whether it's hiking, backpacking, geocaching, hunting, fishing you're into, eXplorist handheld GPS devices provide innovative features and long-lasting battery life.

If you're an athlete or just looking to get into shape, Magellan's full range of Switch GPS watches have everything you need to track your progress and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Whatever outdoor activity you're into, there's a Magellan device that will suit your needs.

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